Mister Twister
Volume 3

Space, the final frontier. Or at least the concept behind the 3rd issue of our annually published excursion into the bizarre, Mister Twister. Developed and produced in-house and in between the countless other projects, our creatives, strategists and producers moonlighted their way as magazine dudes by study space: cosmic, personal, head, cost of, weed....all the possible iterations that the word 'space' conjures. Alongside the magazine, which is distributed AROUND THE WORLD, we also launched with a limited vinyl release of some space-music from one of the contributors as well as a huge-ass launch party that was the talk of the town (definitely in Moritzplatz, maybe in Kreuzberg). Space is the place, yo.

Contributors: Kat Voltage, Benedikt Luft, Robbie Postma, Paa Joe, Moon Ribas, Neil Harbisson, Stephanie Elizabeth Third, Siobhan O’Callaghan, Louis Labron-Johnson, Kenzo Mayama Kramarz, Kgodisho Mowa, Léonie Kircher, Brogues Cozens-McNeelance, Lise Harlev, Greta Brungs, Valery Vermeulen, Mariel Bulaong, Adrian Bianco, Marie-Laurence Carrière, Kyra Sophie Wilhelmseder, Christina Maria Gross, Dr. Lina Dencik, Alexa Henry, Dominique Mayer


  • Concept: The Adventures Of
  • Editors-in-Chief: Sophie Mayer, Leila El-Kayem
  • Art Direction & Design: Max Pirsky
  • Assistant Editor: Julia Gröschel
  • Copy Editor: Ruby Morrigan
  • Printed by: Gallery Print Berlin
  • Date: October 2017