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Of Nurture and Nomads
Art Exhibition

The exhibition entitled Of Nurture and Nomads was a concept born out life as a cultural nomad. Collecting inspirations through the experience of nomadic life and exposure to layers of cultural identity influences your creative output. Of Nurture and Nomads: Subjectivities in flux in the age of cultural modernism is an exhibition created and produced by The Adventures Of exploring the relationship between nomadic subjectivity and meta-modernism.

We invited five cultural nomads to exhibit their work in our gallery space in our first office in Berlin Mitte. The artists and designers included Przemek Pyszczek , Maria Sturm, Viron Erol Vert, Garland Coo and Gili Dolinger.

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  • Concept: The Adventures Of
  • Co-curators: Hili Perlson, Leila El-Kayem
  • Creative Director: Leila El-Kayem
  • Managing Director: Sophie Mayer
  • Designer: Sarah Hegyesi
  • Photography: Alexander Coggin
  • Brand Manager: Gunnar Triebel
  • Date: September 2014