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Temporary Showroom
The present as a present

The festive season always quickly approaches, and you ask yourself: “Where did the time go?”

The answer is, that it didn’t go anywhere. Instead it stayed with you the entire time, sometimes for a hot flash and others for long reads with a cup of tea. These moments in the present are the ones we should live the longest, allowing it to stretch out before us, holding on to every word, every thought, everything you see and feel. The Temporary Showroom explores the now with products that allow you to live and embrace the present.

ThePresent is a wall clock made by Scott Thrift, a New York based designer who was struggling to “live in the moment.” ThePresent doesn’t tell time, instead it tells you the exact moment you are living in. There is only one hand which takes 365 days to complete a full rotation. Living with ThePresent lets you embrace the unique pace of time, as the world rotates, so does ThePresent. It is a work of art designed to make you change the way you think about time in the hope that you stop looking at the time and start living life instead.

Dagwood is a golf and lifestyle brand. Inspired by the philosophies of golf where only 20% of the game is about technique and the remaining 80% says Grantland Rice is “humour, tragedy, romance, melodrama, companionship, camaraderie, cussedness and conversation.” The founders Tom Henze and Anielle Crisanto are designing much more than an apparel brand, they are designing a quality of life where time, friendship and honesty are the luxuries when playing a game for 5 hours with a friend. The products themselves also get more soulful with time. The shoe and accessories maker is born in Berlin and raised by traditional craftsmen.

Robin Hohn’s Diploma project “Diversity of Mass production” explores the mass production of ceramics and the inaccuracies which are normally considered errors. These unwanted imperfections are what makes this series charming, combining traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing. It is the time that is spent understanding the craft and knowing when to interrupt it to create a stronger relationship between people and product.


  • Co-curators: Sophie Mayer, Leila El-Kayem
  • Project Manager: Gunnar Triebel
  • Designer: Sarah Hegyesi
  • Photographer: Alexander Coggin
  • Retail Design: Bastian Braun
  • Date: September - October 2014