Ph 30Yrs 9 732X550
Kv 30Yrs 1 732X1130
Ph 30Yrs 2 732X550
Ph 30Yrs 3 732X550
Ph 30Yrs 4 732X550

30 Years of Gel

The Gel innovation is unique to ASICS and celebrated their 30 year anniversary in 2016. For the launch of the anniversary models: Gel-Lyte III, Gel-Lyte V and GT-Cool Xpress, we created a series of assets including a motion piece in the sci-fi visual world inspired by the sole of the shoes.

3D Design + Motion: 908 


  • Managing Director: Sophie Mayer
  • Executive Creative Director: Leila El-Kayem
  • Director Operations + Production: Alison Haly
  • Creative Strategist: Thomas Eon
  • Brand Manager: Monica Bialobrzeski
  • Designer: Sarah Hegyesi
  • Date: October 2016