Asi Gel Mai 732X550 2
Asi Gel Mai 732X550 3
Asi Gel Mai 732X1130 Right Corner
Asi Gel Mai 732X550 1
Asi Gel Mai 732X1130 Corner
Asi Gel Mai 732X1130 2
Asi Gel Mai 732X1130 3
Asi Gel Mai 732X1130 4
Asi Gel Mai 732X550 Left
Asi Gel Mai 732X550 Right
Asi Gel Mai 732X1130 1
Asi Gel Mai 732X550 6
Asi Gel Mai 732X550 5

The OG

ASICSTIGER re-releases one of their more obscure and iconic Gel-Mai from the 1990s in it's signature OG blue and white combo, as well as more lifestyle oriented black that still hints at its performance origins. 

The extremely anticipated release inspired us to tap into the eccentric character of the shoe, creating slick deconstructed designs from the asymetric features and highlighting the unseen logo which has since been replaced by the iconic Tiger stripes.

Photography: Allupinitt


  • Managing Director: Sophie Mayer
  • Executive Creative Director: Leila El-Kayem
  • Director of Operations + Production: Alison Haly
  • Brand Manager: Monica Bialobrzeski
  • Creative Strategist: Thomas Eon
  • Designers: Sarah Hegyesi, Etienne Vles
  • Date: April 2017