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Burgers & Hip Hop
From party to brand

The story of Burgers & Hip Hop started when we met Kavita Goodstar on her stomping grounds of Markthalle Neun. After some shit hot shop talk, we launched the Burgers & Hip Hop brand with a spanking corporate identity. Since then, we have filmed Burger Ambassadors eating burgers the way Andy Warhol intended them to, launched our first product of Burgers & Hip Hop Beer, created countless posters hitting the streets and a bonanza of social media posts. And last but not least, the party has gone global with it's first stop in Zürich.


  • Client: Burgers & Hip Hop
  • Creative Director: Leila El-Kayem
  • Executive Producer: Sophie Mayer
  • Designer: Sarah Hegyesi, Cari Sekendur, Romain Fontaine, Kai-Uwe Niephaus
  • Copywriter: Leila El-Kayem
  • Photographer: Rian Davidson
  • Animation: eevvbb
  • Music:
  • DOP: Peter Lorenz, Ulf Behrens (Lightning Studio), Leila El-Kayem
  • Brand Manager: Christina Maria Gross, Gunnar Triebel
  • Date: Launched 2014