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MTV x Parliament Vodka
Bringing Moscow to Germany

Moscow. Home of Parliament Vodka. Distilled with an age old craft of filtering vodka through milk giving it it’s creamy cool edge. But nobody knows it in Germany. So, MTV asked us to create some hype and attract the booming crowd of the creative cool. We invited Moscow street artist NootK to paint larger than life-sized Matryoshkas LIVE at four killer clubs across Germany where we would throw parties with the hottest DJs.

MTV Arthouse Moscow brought artistic creation together with bouncing beats in Munich, Dortmund, Hamburg and Berlin, reaching over 15 million vodka loving cool kids through TV, OOH, social media and events.


  • Client: Viacom Brand Solutions
  • Head of Concept Brand Solutions, Creative Director: Andy Tran
  • Head of Brand Experience: Jörg Schiefer
  • Insights: Claudia Fischer
  • Designer: Benjamin Kakrow (Typeholics)
  • Project Manager: Sarah Vielhaus, Nancy Hübner
  • Photography: Andy Tran
  • Agency: The Adventures Of
  • Creative Director: Leila El-Kayem
  • Managing Director: Sophie Mayer
  • Art Director: Andrew Morgan
  • Designer: Sarah Hegyesi, Cari Sekendur
  • Brand Manager: Gunnar Triebel
  • Camera: Peter Lorenz, Ulf Behrens (Lightning Studio)
  • Production/Animation: Monkey Pictures
  • Edit: Monkey Pictures, Sarah Hegyesi
  • Date: February 2015