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Jessica Jones

International Women’s Day is the perfect day to reflect, celebrate and be proud. It’s also a very apt day to launch season 2 of Jessica Jones for Netflix; because like all superheroes and women a like, she’s not ordinary.

So we asked: What would Jessica Jones do? And the answer is a simple one; she’d kick ass, do things her way and inspire others to do the same. So we created the Army of Empowerment to do just that – an interactive installation that took a stand, flipped the bird to patriarchy and got people pumped in true Jessica Jones style.


  • Client: Netflix EMEA
  • Chief Executive Officer: Sophie Mayer
  • Chief Creative Officer: Leila El-Kayem
  • Creative Director: Darren Cronje
  • Art Director: Kalle Haasum
  • Copywriter: Jessica Hoppe, Momme Clausen
  • Business Director: David Barton
  • Business Strategy Director: Delia Ferreira
  • Media Director: Dan Ball
  • Creative Producer: Anuschka Das, Alexa El-Kayem
  • Event Production Company: Goal Girls
  • Prop Designers: Neuland van Exel
  • Date: March 2018