Nike Hero
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Presenting the New G’s

NIKE asked us to create the brand strategy for the AGS market (Austria/Germany/Switzerland) across all product pillars and develop the new positioning for the next two years starting in 2015. The strategy was then adapted across Nike Football, Nike Running, Nike Women’s and Energy. As with each strategy developed for Nike, we wrote a manifesto about the New Generation of youth in Germany and edited a mood film with a genuine rapper. We also developed numerous concepts across activations and social media. Yup. Keeping’ it real.


  • Client: Nike AGS
  • Executive Producer: Sophie Mayer
  • Creative Director: Leila El-Kayem
  • Brand Manager: Gunnar Triebel
  • Designers: Sarah Hegyesi, Romain Fontaine
  • Production Agency: FirstEight
  • Producer: Ariane Bauer (FirstEight GmbH)
  • Edit: Mathias Graatz
  • Date: 2014