Music makes you lose control, even during the
holiday season!   

Spotify needed our help to leverage the spirit of the holiday season and drive brand differentiation with fans in Germany, in a mega credible way.    

Enter our campaign:

With rich data at our disposal, we collected unique and fun insights into key events that happened throughout 2017, aligning them with music to help point users towards an even better 2018. 

The campaign involved a ton of OOH, digital OOH and online advertising, with a hero film and 4 short animated motives that played fun with the insights. Whether it was the fact that “Scotty beam mich hoch" (Scotty, Beam Me Up) was streamed 18,338 times the day after the German election or that Chöre by Mark Forster won 113,382 streaming hearts on Valentines Day, the data provided a unique local twist to each event. 

As a final way for fans to capture the unique and beautiful moments throughout the year, we created a custom photobooth activation in Hamburg which allowed photos to be taken as well as a generated GIF, which could be shared across fan’s social media.

So there you have it. A holiday campaign without any mention of Last Christmas.


  • Client: Spotify Germany
  • Managing Director: Sophie Mayer
  • Executive Creative Director: Leila El-Kayem
  • Creative Director Copy: Filiz Tasdan, Philipp Loeffel
  • Art Director: Charlon de Graav
  • Illustration: MaryLou Faure
  • Animation: Luke Marsh
  • Business Strategist: Pia Detjen, Mona Vogel
  • Producer: Natalie Bertaux
  • Sound: Benedict Harris
  • Date: December 2017