160629 Yeay Hero Phones 2400X1700
Yeay Mag Cover

Launching a start-up rocket

The first ever mobile first, e-commerce platform to sell cool stuff with video: www.yeay.tv

In an age where the youth are spending 3,2 hours/day on their phones and 61% of them are also using their phones to buy cool stuff, we knew that YEAY had a killer USP. From its first inception by founder Melanie Mohr, we were on board to develop the product’s positioning and develop a global marketing launch strategy. So we targeted the “Geography of Cool” as quoted by The Economist and selected top influencers in cities across the globe to collaborate with to develop YEAY content for its launch to the world.

From there we developed YEAY’s visual world, taking our cues from Post-Internet Art and texting emojis. The YEAY logo itself is a 3D rendered model making it a printable product itself. We also created a pack of emojis for users to stay in the YEAY world when texting with friends.

And what’s an app without a killer claim? We did that too - Sell it with video.


  • Client: Yeay
  • Creative Director: Leila El-Kayem
  • Strategy Director: Sophie Mayer
  • Creative Strategist: Thomas Eon
  • Designers: Sarah Hegyesi, Alexa Henry
  • Date: June 2016